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Ganu Fights Off Attackers
Tagruato is proud to report that Ganu Yoshida, sustaining no injuries from his recent attack
Yoshida Brings Happy Flavor to Big Apple
Ganu Yoshida left with much fanfare today as he boarded his private Tagruato jet that will fly him directly to New York city
Kaitei No Mitsu Approved for US Distribution
Members of Tagruato's elite corporate board were greeted with a rare surprise yesterday
An Open Letter from Ganu Yoshida
Dear Friends, Supporters, Investors, and Members of the Tagruato Family
There has been an altercation at the Chaui Station.
Hatsui Satellite Works for the Futura
Visions of success for Tagruato's Bold Futura subsidiary are no longer limited by gravity.
Smilers! at the Fish Market!
December 22th, 2007 - Smilers hit the docks, bearing copious amounts of Slusho! brand happy drinks.
Company Picnic Packs Them In!
Over 500 thirsty employees showed up, with families by their side, to partake in the happy festivities and yummy tastes at the 5th annual Tagruato Company Picnic! The event, held at newly opened Slusho! Field in Yamato, set a watermark for the company, eclipsing last year's attendance by more than double. Company spokeswoman Suzume Soga accredited the success to the "unlimited Slusho! happy drink" that was offered to all in attendance. Adding, "This crowd is a testament to the rapid growth and expansion of this employee-friendly company".

It was indeed a true showing of Tagruato's growing strength. In front of a packed field of workers, all waiving their Slusho! cups in the air, Tagurato CEO Ganu Yoshida exclaimed, "To see all of you here together makes my heart filled with sunshine!"

The picnic also served as the inaugural event at the newly opened Slusho! Field. Unveiled to the public in December 2007, the field is part of a newly renovated park area donated to the city by Tagruato-another welcome addition to the Tagruato Cares Foundation's growing portfolio of conservation efforts. The park also features two baseball fields, a playground, and a Slusho!-themed recreation center.

And it was indeed a happy day for Jimmu Station floor supervisor Aneha Nobuo, who took home top honors at the picnic's highly-anticipated Bake Off. Amid fierce competition, Aneha's delectable "Upside-Down Pineapple Cake" won her 1st prize. Said long-time Bake Off Judge Suzuki Isoroku, "Her tasty cake will turn any frown face right into a smile one!" And the prize-a year's supply of Slusho! for her and her family-could not have made Aneha more happy. As her 5 excited children joyously hopped up and down, she screamed, "Each day is now a happy Slusho! time!"
ParafFun Wax Museum Unveiled!
November 19th, 2007 - Tagruato CEO Ganu Yoshida revealed the ParafFun Wax Museum.
Suinin Station Wins Green Award
October 28th, 2007 - The Suinin Station will be hauling in much more than barrels of petroleum this year.
Smilers at the Animal Control Center!
Tagruato’s troupe of Slusho! Smilers! struck again last Friday
Tagruato cares!
August 9th, 2007 - Tagruato brightens the day of the eldery with a gift of delicious Slusho!
Tagruato CEO to be honored at Pacific Oil Conference
July 29th, 2007 - Ganu Yoshida will receive an award at this year's POC in September.
Tagruato Lions win Little League Championship
June 2nd, 2007 - Company sponsored team destroys the competition
Testaments of happiness and gratitude from Tagruato's finest
February 25th, 2007 - Tagruato employees exalt their company with the highest praise