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Employees of the Month

2016 March

Welcome friends, old and new, to a celebration of Tagruato’s most valuable resource: our people. Tagruato remains a world leader in energy resources, medical research, advanced technology production and consumable products because of our world class employees. Please join us in recognizing the exceptional individuals below who have consistently gone above and beyond to further our founder’s noble mission.
Hanan Uemoto - Tagruato Corporation
Tagruato Corporation
Hanan Uemoto -
Corporate Communications
Hanan has been a valued member of Tagruato's IT department since 2009. This month, she completed a company-wide security risk diagnostic. Her work will ensure the company’s ability to safeguard all corporate communications and internal data. Great work, Hanan!
Art Reynoso - Yoshida Medical Research
Yoshida Medical Research
Art Reynoso -
Program Manager
Art recently celebrated twenty-five years with YMR, and is famous for his wife Helena’s homemade cookies. This month, Art made a key contribution to the company’s BCP/DR plan, positioning YMR for a secure and prosperous future. To celebrate, Art and Helena are talking a much-earned vacation to Fiji. Have a great time, but come back soon and bring more cookies.
Fatima Abourizk - SLUSHO!
Fatima Abourizk -
Inventory Control Associate
Fatima joined Slusho’s Ontario Cold Storage and Distribution Hub last year and has quickly established herself as a dependable member of the team. As part of the company’s Healthy Living Initiative, last month Fatima began teaching lunchtime yoga, as well as a special strength and conditioning, classes for her fellow employees. Keep it up, Fatima!
Nikolai Roza - Bold Futura
Bold Futura
Nikolai Roza -
Liaison Officer
After a decade in the US Navy, Nikolai joined Bold Futura three years ago to serve as Liaison Officer to the company’s key governmental and military clients. This month, Nikolai worked on a special project that we’ve been told has more than earned him Employee of the Month honors.
Theodore Nessn - ParaFUN! Wax Distributors
ParaFUN! Wax Distributors
Theodore Nessn -
Blending Technician
As a Blending Technician in our Utah facility, Ted helps to create specific custom food-grade wax blends for premier-level clients.
2016 February Employees of the Month